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Women of Courage

In front of Heirs of Justice headquarters

“It’s vital that women stay active and not submit day after day, nor cross our arms… Let’s break the silence.”  - Chantal Cilulul, Heirs of Justice 

The SJF supports women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where over one million have been victimized by gender-based violence. Women are especially targeted where resource extraction has led to armed conflict.

Village women giving testimonyThanks to funding from the International Postal Communications Fund, established by the PSAC, UPCE, and Canada Post, SJF Literacy Fund and our partner KAIROS, Heirs of Justice offers prevention education and paralegal training to empower women to pursue justice through the country’s dysfunctional court system.

In June 2013, Sister Danielle Dubuc joined a KAIROS-led Women of Courage delegation and witnessed the transformative work being carried out by Heirs of Justice. Upon return, the delegation met with Parliamentarians to discuss actions Canada can take to help build peace and stability in this troubled region. They also expressed concern about foreign mining companies operating in the country – 70% of which are Canadian – which are doing little for local development or to ensure protection of human rights. 

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Last Updated on: January 27, 2016