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Barriere Lake Kekegan Initiative

In 1991 Algonquins from the impoverished community of Barriere Lake negotiated a groundbreaking agreement with Cana

CAWI City for all Women Initiative

CAWI promotes an inclusive and women-friendly Ottawa that respects diversity and addresses the issues of poverty, and lack of adequate services.

Centre Communautaire Missinak – shelter for Aboriginal women and children

The Missinak Community Center provides assistance, awareness training, healing, and empowerment for aboriginal women and children who have been victims of violence.

Centre for the Promotion of Miners - Bolivia

Literacy program.An important part of the SJF’s literacy program, jointly funded with the International Postal Communications

Chile and Blanket Prince George

Chili and a Blanket Prince George

​Every December, the northern Women’s Forum of Prince George organizes a community rally, “Chili and a Blanket” against increasing poverty in BC, due to the draconian cuts made by the Liberal government.

Colombia in the Shadow of Human Rights Abuses

While many sectors of Colombian society are working to build the foundation for peace through the peace negotiations in Havana, Canada has failed to support human rights and social and economic justice in Colombia.

Core Neighbourhood Youth Coop, Saskatoon

Literacy skills, cultural pride and respect to engage at-risk youth

CRIO The struggle against homelessness in Outaouais

CRIO The struggle against homelessness in Outaouais

CRIO is a regional network that brings together organizations that address homelessness In the Outaouais.

Defending Public Services: Canadian and Colombian Workers on the Frontlines

Frontlines is an exchange program promoted by four national public sector unions - the CUPW, PSAC, CUPE and NUPGE that aims to build mutual solidarity between the public sector workers in Canada and Colombia in their fight to stop the privatization of public assets and services.