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Syria’s Escalating Humanitarian Crisis (2013)


The SJF together with the CLC, USW, CUPE, UNIFOR and other Labour Funds agreed to support OXFAM’s call out to address the humanitarian crisis in Syria.


Few humanitarian crises are as avoidable and tragic as Syria’s. The human cost of the conflict has risen beyond all expectations. In May, there were already 1.4 million refugees outside the Syrian borders. Inside Syria, 6.8 million people struggle in urgent need of assistance. According to OXFAM Canada “families may have escaped death, but they face worsening shortages of basic necessities. Most have fled with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and whether in camps, crowded rooms with relatives or on the fringes of cities, they are struggling to live with too little water, overcrowding, poor sanitation, and little money for medical treatment or other basic needs.”


UN appeals have raised only half what they sought, helping far fewer people than are in need. Oxfam is rapidly scaling up their response but are struggling with insufficient funds. OXFAM is now reaching some 50,000 people with water and sanitation services and money for food.  The goal is to reach 250,000 people.

The SJF is providing $5,000 of humanitarian assistance.


OXFAM report.
All photos courtesy of OXFAM Canada.

Last Updated on: January 25, 2016