The mandate of the SJF, as approved by the Social Justice Fund Board of Directors at its first meeting in October 2003, is to support initiatives in five priority areas.


Anti-poverty Initiatives in Canada

The SJF promotes initiatives that aim to eliminate poverty in Canada by supporting advocacy for progressive public policy and social change. Projects include initiatives that address affordable housing, clean water and decent public services, women's shelters, living wages, and the empowerment of Aboriginal, Inuit and Métis communities in Canada.
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Humanitarian Assistance in Canada and Around the World

The SJF provides humanitarian assistance to communities affected by disasters in Canada and around the world. Our emphasis is to strengthen the role of unions and communities in long-term social and economic rehabilitation, particularly the reconstruction of essential public services.
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International Labour Development

In order to bring mutual benefits to workers in the North and South, the SJF support projects involving counterparts that share common objectives and principles, such as the defence of public services, democratic governance, transparency and accountability to the membership, and the defence of gender and equity rights.
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Worker-to-Worker Exchanges

Worker exchanges are a powerful tool to help unions build solidarity between workers in the North and South. Exchanges strengthen labour rights and equity and help develop stronger unions across the globe to stand up against privatization and corporate globalization.
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Worker Education

The SJF supports educational initiatives that focus on globalization and social justice and that advance the rights of workers and marginalized people threatened by the neo-liberal agenda. In all educational initiatives, the SJF aims to increase the commitment of union members to undertake collective action in their community and their workplace.
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