Canada Without Poverty


The foremost national anti-poverty organization in the country, Canada Without Poverty has received funding from the PSAC for nearly 10 years, while the Social Justice Fund has partnered with Canada Without Poverty on several initiatives including the Dignity for All Campaign. 

Since it started, Canada Without Poverty has been governed by people with direct, personal experience of living in poverty, whether during childhood or as adults.  Their lived experiences inform and help to guide its work.  The directors are also deeply engaged in combating poverty within their communities, provinces or territories

In 2008, the organization adopted a new mission, vision and values statements.  It affirmed the belief that poverty is a violation of human rights and that poverty elimination is a human rights obligation. From this belief, Canada Without Poverty aims to raise awareness about poverty, participate in research, generate new knowledge about poverty, and strive to demonstrate the connection between poverty and human rights.