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Invitation to participate in the Education in Action project in Guatemala, February - March 2019

(Two weeks -- exact dates will be confirmed at a later date)

All applications must be received before October 31, 2018

Education in Action inspires people in meaningful
solidarity with Guatemala.

The Education in Action project, supported by the PSAC Social Justice Fund, engages members and other Canadians to deepen their understanding of Guatemala and to build solidarity with Mayan communities.

PSAC Social Justice Fund (SJF) is organizing a 12-person delegation to travel to Guatemala in the spring of 2019 to work with, and learn from grass roots organizations empowering communities.

The project is open to all PSAC members, who are able to cover their own expenses (see application).

  • Participation fee (US) $625
  • (Participation fee covers all travel in Guatemala, accommodations and meals)
  • Participants are responsible for their airfare from Canada to Guatemala and return.

SJF Subsidy program

The PSAC Social Justice Fund is offering subsidies to four PSAC young workers (18–35 years).

The PSAC Social Justice Fund is offering a subsidy to four young workers for the 2019 delegation. If you are a young worker or know of a young member who would benefit from this opportunity, please forward the attached application to them.  More information is provided in the attached application.

SJF will subsidize up to $2,500 for travel, food and accommodation. The subsidy does not cover the loss of salary.

Members who receive a subsidy from the PSAC Social Justice Fund, will be asked to write an article on a specific topic upon their return to Canada.  This article will be posted on the PSAC Social Justice Fund website.

All participants are required to participate in two separate days of orientation prior to travelling, and another session upon returning, to reflect and share our experiences. These sessions are done on Saturdays and are done by webinar.


Roberto Miranda (1955-2011), PSAC activist and founder of the Education in Action project wanted to share this unique opportunity to work with and learn from communities and farmers of the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA), a grassroots cooperative working to improve their livelihoods. The CCDA has been defending the economic, social and cultural rights of the Mayan people since 1982, struggling for equitable land distribution, carrying out sustainable agricultural development and encouraging the economic empowerment of women. The CCDA also produces the cooperatively produced and fairly traded coffee, Café Justicia; sold by volunteers across Canada and sponsored by the PSAC Social Justice Fund. All proceeds are returned to the CCDA to help support their programs such as the salary of a full-time school teacher, improving access to potable water and food security for the population.

Since 2007, members from different PSAC components have participated in this unique project: AGR, CEIU, CIU, PSAC local 70181, UCTE, UEW, NHU, UNDE/DCL, UNE, UNW, UPCE, USGE, UTE, YEU.

For more information, visit

The group will participate in workshops, marches, ceremonies and labour activities (coffee plantation and construction). The group will visit:   

  1. The Comité Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA) to learn about their work and their campaigns, and the benefits of belonging to a cooperative
  2. Communities that are building a sustainable way of living based on equality, access to education, land and potable water
  3. The coffee plantation that produces Café Justicia
  4. The Centre for Environmental Law and Social Action (CALAS).  A centre that carries out research, education, advocacy on the rights of indigenous peoples affected by mining and environmental destruction
  5. Mayan women who have developed fish farms to support their families
  6. Schools where indigenous youth are empowered through education


  1. You will be notified once all applications are reviewed
  2. You must be 18 years and older to be eligible
  3. Participation fee is (US) $625. It covers your travel in the country, accommodations and meals
  4. You are responsible for the cost of your airfare from Canada to Guatemala and return. (Flights will be organized for you)
  5. The working languages will be English and Spanish
  6. You will be required to have a valid passport (see
  7. Space is limited, so please return your application as soon as possible

The PSAC Social Justice Fund reserves the right to cancel this tour for reasons such as not reaching the required number of participants for the tour and if deemed unsafe for reasons beyond our control. Should the tour be cancelled, the participation fee will be refunded.

Please return your completed application by October 31, 2018 to:

PSAC Social Justice Fund
233 Gilmour Street, Ottawa ON  K2P 0P1
C/O Janet St-Jean    613-560-2974 

Application form

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