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Honduran human rights defender visits Canada

Press conference on Parliament Hill with Bertha OlivaIn April 2014, Common Frontiers, the PSAC Social Justice Fund and the Americas Policy Group (APG) of the CCIC co-sponsored a tour of Bertha Oliva, director of the Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras. Bertha was invited to Canada to give testimony to the Parliamentary Committee on Trade and the Subcommittee on Human Rights. Bertha travelled to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Six Nations to connect with Indigenous people, workers and students to share the stories of those being persecuted by the state for defending human, labour and territorial rights.

Since the 2010 military coup, Honduras has experienced brutal repression. Human rights violations have grown to an alarming level, placing human right defenders, labour leaders, journalists and even international accompaniers in extreme danger. Hundreds of farmers have been expelled from their land.

Despite this pervasive impunity, the Canadian government has moved quickly to implement a trade deal with Honduras to guarantee investor rights for Canadian corporations. The SJF worked closely with the Americas Policy Group of the CCIC in order to bring experts witnesses to Canada to provide testimony to the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs in 2011.  And in 2013, the SJF supported the Observatory Mission for the Honduran 2013 elections, organized by Common Frontiers.  

Last Updated on: February 11, 2016