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Funding is available for Poverty Alleviation initiatives in Nunavut

Nunavut call-out logoThrough education, mobilization and empowerment, the PSAC Social Justice Fund works to advance the role of our members in building stronger communities, together with the right to decent work, the promotion of quality public services, human rights and equality.

The elimination of poverty in Canada is one of the five priorities areas of the PSAC Social Justice Fund (SJF).  

In November 2016, the Nunavut Employees Union signed an agreement with the Nunavut Government that includes a MOU that the employer shall contribute one cent (1¢) per worker per hours worked towards social justice initiatives in Nunavut.

This contribution will:

  • promote social justice through actions aimed at greater social human and economic development
  • include PSAC membership involvement at the community level
  • facilitate awareness of the roots of poverty and basic causes of social injustice

The PSAC SJF looks forward to working with the NEU to develop these initiatives, particularly aimed at alleviating acute poverty and assuring food security in the territory and building coalitions at a community level.

The Social Justice Fund Steering Committee will review the projects to be funded, based on the recommendations of the NEU. The amount of funding available per project is from $500 to $2,500 maximum.


Project proposals must demonstrate how the activities will achieve the SJF objectives to:

  • seek to overcome the causes of poverty and injustice
  • attack the root causes of poverty
  • encourage community participation that will give low-income people more control over their own lives
  • promote the defense of quality public services as a necessary step towards the eradication of poverty
  • involve PSAC members working together with community partners
  • promote equality and equity as a condition to eliminate poverty
  • promote public policies that help eradicate poverty and injustice

Send project proposals to both contacts below:

Bill Fennell
President, Nunavut Employees Union
Union Door, building #165
PO Box 869
Iqaluit, Nunavut X0A 0H0
Email :
Phone: 867-979-4209


Louise Casselman
PSAC Social Justice Fund Officer
233 Gilmour St.
Ottawa, ON K2P 0P1
Email :
Phone:  613 560-5495   Fax:  613 560-6582



Last Updated on: August 31, 2017