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Core Neighbourhood Youth Coop, Saskatoon

Students read around a table.Literacy skills, cultural pride and respect to engage at-risk youth

The Core Neighbourhood Youth Coop (CNYC) is an alternative education program in Saskatoon's core neighbourhoods helping youth to develop literacy and vital job skills. Supported by the SJF's Literacy Fund and other partners, the CNYC is providing a supportive, alternative learning environment for youth who are not succeeding in the regular school system.

Community Credit Program

The CNYC helps youth who have grown up in poverty and abuse to complete their high school education as well as learning skills they can use towards gaining employment. The students aim to finish high school through a tutoring program, as well as gain the skills necessary to apply for scholarships. The CNYC has a new technology room that is devoted to increase computer literacy for those who may not have access to computers at home. Financial literacy, social media awareness and cyber-bullying are also covered in this program. Cultural classes offers First Nations' youth the opportunity to develop a sense of cultural pride while helping to keep cultural traditions alive.

Last Updated on: February 22, 2016