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Centre for International Workers Solidarity (CISO) Labour School in Colombia

Djimy Théodore looking at an oil spill caused by the Canadian oil company, Pacific Rubiales in Colombia

Since its foundation in 1975, CISO (Center for International Workers Solidarity) has organized over 50 trade union delegations/schools to a dozen countries in the Global South.  Hundreds of participants have acquired a unique experience that has enlarged their horizons as trade union activists. The majority of those who have participated in union delegations have maintained an active interest and involvement in international union solidarity.

PSAC member from Montreal, Brother Djimy Théodore formed part of the FTQ delegation that participated in the exchange visit organized by CISO from May 11-25.  Its overall objectives were

  • To learn about the situation facing workers in Colombia,
  • Participate in a training at the National Labour School in Colombia
  • To support the Colombian Labour movement,
  • Learn about the reality of the Oil Workers and their  struggle
  • To facilitate the development of solidarity links between unions organizations in Quebec and Canada.
Last Updated on: February 18, 2016