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Barriere Lake Kekegan Initiative

In 1991 Algonquins from the impoverished community of Barriere Lake negotiated a groundbreaking agreement with Canada and Quebec giving them joint management of their traditional territory.  Both governments have refused to honor the agreement.

Aside from the long-term legal struggle undertaken, a core group of community members have started to work together to educate and create a sense of hope to overcome the cycle of poverty in Barriere Lake. The anti-poverty initiative, known as the Barriere Lake Kekegan Initiative will organize several gatherings and workshops for youth, women and elders. 

These workshops will focus on empowering community members and providing them with the necessary tools to ensure the continuation of their community-based way of life, their connection to the land and exercise of self-determination, including working toward removing the stigma of poverty that shadows the community.

Last Updated on: January 21, 2016