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  • International Labour Development
  • Worker Education
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Anti-Poverty Initiatives in Canada

Colombia in the Shadow of Human Rights Abuses

While many sectors of Colombian society are working to build the foundation for peace through the peace negotiations in Havana, Canada has failed to support human rights and social and economic justice in Colombia.

Defending Public Services: Canadian and Colombian Workers on the Frontlines

Frontlines is an exchange program promoted by four national public sector unions - the CUPW, PSAC, CUPE and NUPGE that aims to build mutual solidarity between the public sector workers in Canada and Colombia in their fight to stop the privatization of public assets and services.

Philippine Women Demand Health and Safety

The SJF endorses the work of the Workers Assistance Centre of the Philippines to educate and organize workers in export processing zones and defend them against unfair labour practices, state-sponsored repression and anti-labour policies.

Rebuilding Haiti’s Public Sector

The SJF Haiti Solidarity Fund provides an example of how international support for public sector unions can be crucial in helping workers in other countries build a democratic civil society which is key to rebuilding a more just national project.

Winter Warm-Up Labrador Friendship Centre

Winter Warm-up is an initiative led by the PSAC Labrador Regional Women's Committee and the Labrador Friendship Centre to promote community meals and bring awareness to the issue of poverty in Labrador.

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