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Education In Action, Guatemala, 2018

In March 2018, eight (8) PSAC members from across Canada traveled to Guatemala with the PSAC Social Justice Fund. This journey began on International Women’s Day.

Invitation to participate in the Education in Action project in Guatemala, February - March 2019

PSAC Social Justice Fund (SJF) is organizing a 12-person delegation to travel to Guatemala in the spring of 2019 to work with and learn from grass roots organizations empowering communities.

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Remembering Rana Plaza: Canadian corporations must do more

Canada’s unions are marking the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster by urging Canadian companies to commit to protecting and promoting the human rights of textile workers.

“Education In Action, Canada - Guatemala” Solidarity works…

With the support of the PSAC Social Justice Fund, Education in Action inspires PSAC members and others to get involved in meaningful solidarity with indigenous communities in Guatemala.  When we work together, a better world is possible. 

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Funding is available for Poverty Alleviation initiatives in Nunavut

In November 2016, the Nunavut Employees Union signed an agreement with the Nunavut Government that includes a MOU that the employer shall contribute one cent (1¢) per worker per hours worked towards social justice initiatives in Nunavut.

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Café Justicia

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